Monthly Archives: June 2013

Water reminder!

I have continued with the morning flush (a big glass of water first thing in the morning) since January. It has helped me with my water intake as knowing that I have had a big glass of water first thing is a boost. As a teenager I had lots of head aches and my Mum would always say “Have you drunk enough?” and I would always say “I don’t think so”. Since being more mindful of how much I drink I have noticed what a difference it makes, adding a slice of lemon helps too. Over the weekend I get out of the habit of not drinking as much as I do during the week, I have a good routine while at work but have yet to bring it hope for the weekend. I just find it a lot harder to remember to drink. I always notice the the effects when I don’t drink enough. Water the life giver, make sure you are drinking enough.

Glass of water with a slice of lemon

Glass of water with a slice of lemon

New space, new lessons…

I have made the transition over to in a bumpy learning curve way. It hasn’t been easy, but I have leant so much on the way. This is my first blog post in WordPress the others followed me over from my other blog, that bit was easy.

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