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Vidahost – one-click WordPress install

I set up a new website with Vidahost. It was straightforward and quick to do. I am really happy with their service and how easy they made the transition moving this website from a different hosting company to their hosting. I thought I would share how to set up a one-click WordPress site with VidaHost. It is easy but thought it may be of some help to people as it is not that obvious at first. how to do it.

First thing to do is buy the hosting that you require and a domain name from Vida Host. Choosing a domain name is a very tricky business, don’t rush into anything, think it over and check to see what it looks like as a domain name. is a good example of one company that didn’t really think about their URL (web address).

Huffington Post have a list of websites that didn’t really think before listing their website!

Once you have bought what you need you will have a Client Area where you can manage your account, raise a support ticket and add new products. You can’t do anything here to do with your ‘actual’ website.

For that you need to open,  log-on with the details that were in the email that Vidahost sent to you, the emails subject is ‘Cloud Hosting Setup’. Once logged on you will see a page that has an icon with your website listed. If there are no websites listed fear not, go to the tab that is called add new website and follow the instructions.


If the icon for your website is already there then click on it, this takes you to the area where you manage your website here you will find 4 tabs with various icon underneath. Go to the bottom one called ‘Application Options’ here you will find an icon ‘Install Applications’ click this and then go to the ‘New Software Installation’ tab.

Install Apps

Here you will find a list of things you can add to your site. Click on the WordPress button and follow the instructions. Making sure you make a note of the Username and password. The WordPress files are now installed onto your site and once you log on it will be much the same as a website. Here is a screen shot of what should be in your file manager….it may not work if files have already been added.

File manager

To log-on to your new shiny site, type in your URL followed by /wp-admin so it will look something like this

Now you can create your own website, choose a template that suits your needs, add a banner, widgets and add as many pages as you need.

If you get really stuck, VidaHost have an excellent support team who are very knowledgeable.

I thought VidaHost service was so good I became an affiliate

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Island Holistic Life

I have been busy creating a new website called ‘Island Holistic Life’. It is to help promote health and well-being on the Isle of Wight.

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A healthy mind equals a healthy body and vice versa.

Island Holistic Life is a place to learn about different holistic practices and how they can be beneficial to your health and well-being. There is also a calendar of events and classes that are taking place on the Isle of Wight.

Being back on the Isle of Wight has made me realise and notice how many holistic therapist there are here. It is quite amazing how many kind and healing people there are here, who want to help others and spread the healing light. I have created this space to spread the word and the work of these wonderful people, giving them the opportunity to shine in the field of work they love and spread the love while working.

Please take the time to pop over to Island Holistic Life and see what is going on.

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