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June Photos and a challenge #Bliss100


June Photos

Another month goes by, this year is going so fast….We are at the mid point of the year. I decided that the start of July is a good time to take stock and review the year. Think of all those things that you have achieved and the things that are still on the to-do list. Do they need to be on your list? This is a good time to take stock, shuffle things around and get shit done.

I have decided am going to take part in Makenna Johnston #Bliss100 challenge.  At first I thought about writing and doing yoga for the challenge but these are already part of my morning routine. So thinking about it now I am going to do some of the things that I have started and have yet to finish…So I won’t be starting another project I will be finishing off a tonne of cool stuff that I started and have yet to finish! This includes –

It seems a lot to do but 100 days is a fair bit of time, right? One thing a day from the list above and a bit of movement thrown in for good measure equals #bliss100.

I’m in for the #bliss100!  100 days dedicated to mindful project ass-kicking & life adjusting. Join me!  visit Makenna Johnston to find out more.