New Year, new inspiration

With the start of the New Year brings lots of  free courses, live calls and summits.
I have signed up to the following –

The MB3 with Makenna Johnson is a weekly call for the first 4 weeks in January starting on the 8th. The calls will be recorded. Makenna was my coach during 2014 and working with her was inspiring and she knows her shit. So if anyone can help you with business planning, creating change in your business or life it is Makenna.

The Thriving Artist Summit “Artists, Designers, and Makers. Take Your Creative Biz To The Next Level! Join Us For This 100% FREE Online Event And Learn From Highly Successful Artists, Experts, And Mentors!”. Sound too good to miss!

Grow Your Depth, Nurture Your Brilliance is hosted by  Andrea Schroeder and will be interactive calls where they will focus on answering questions about the topic of the call. The subjects of the calls are varied from WordPress to poetry. Also one of my favourite bloggers is on one of the calls Susannah Conway.

Create Your Color Story, consists of free “Year of Color” prompts throughout 2015, a free rainbow mediation and journal pages. This is run by Louise Gale

I am going to be inspired for the first few weeks of January. Lets hope the feeling will last for the whole of 2015.

Wise Owl

Happy New Year and lets make this one the best yet.

Pay what you can!

I am having a SALE!

I have decided that rather than having a stack of artwork not being seen or enjoyed by anyone. I am going to do something a little crazy and offer everyone a chance to ‘Pay what they CAN‘ on my artwork. Please click here for more art or visit my Facebook page.

This sale will run from today until the end of January 2015. After that the artwork will either be torn up to be used in other pieces or painted over. The price offered does NOT include Postage and packing. If you live nearby we can come to some another arrangement to receive the artwork.

Fingerprint of peace

Fingerprint of Peace – Acrylic on watercolour paper. Approximately 22cm x 30.5cm. Mounted 6.5cm



Thank you for looking and sharing = caring 😉




A to Z of Art Supplies

Art Supplies

A to Z

A – Art Supplies
B – Brayer
C – Collage
D – Drawing
E – Embossing
F – Flowers
G – Gelli Plate
H – Heat Tool
I – Ink
J – Journal
K – Knives (craft)
L – Letters
M – Monoprint
N – Nibs
O – Orange
P – Pens
Q – Quilling
R – Rubber Stamps
S – Stencil
T – Textures for monoprinting
U – Uinball pens
V – Velvet
W -Watercolour
X – XCut punch
Y – Yellow
Z – Zebra Gell Pens

So there your have it A to Z of art supplies!

InkTober 2014

Here is my round up of InkTober! 15/31 days. I started well but lost the flow towards the end. I did enjoy myself and it has reminded me that I need to keep drawing to improve my skills.

InkTober 2014

InkTober 2014

Octobers quests and challenges!

Well it is October already and here are the challenges/prompts I am playing along with this month.


Pens at the ready

First up; get your pens at the ready for InkTober that co-insides nicely with The Big Draw. I will be taking on the challenge to draw daily for the next 31 days….




Second up is, Photo a Day with FatMumSlim I used to play along with this a couple of years back but I haven’t joined in for ages but this months list of prompts tickled my fancy. I am going to do a theme for the A – Z and it is going to be all art related!

Photo A Day - October

Photo A Day – October

You can see my daily photos and drawing over here…..

September round up!

#BloomTrueBootCamp came to an end but what an inspiring month of prompts. Although I didn’t quite keep up with my daily blog posts I have been playing along and taking it in. Sunday morning have become my play time & artists date. I have made a mess, painted over a cool drawing of a feather, used colours that I don’t usually use (green) and generally had fun.


I have slowed down, felt and listen to my art materials. Listened to the rough scrappy noise of the pen on the paper and the smooth feeling of my crayons, as they cover the paper in bright colours.

I finally got round to drawing a feather! Something that I have been wanting to do for ages, thank you Flora. I used on of my favourite techniques and that is no use my non-dominant hand and not to take the pen off the paper. I love how it makes you look harder at the object you are drawing but how the lines are so free and loose.

One of the prompts was ‘Collaborate’! Ha, well I had it in my mind that my 4-year-old nephew was going to help me out with that one but he had other ideas. He was more interested in running around the garden with his Dad. I did manage to draw around his hand and then he wanted me to draw a stegosaurus! I think this might be a WIP, so will post our collaboration at a later date. However, while in the garden I did get to create a flower Mandala for ‘Art Abandonment’. this is another thing that I have wanted to do for a while. My nephew looked at me as if I was a bit crazy, playing with granddad’s flowers!


30 Days of Inspired Words -was an inspiration and has made me realise more that I am an artist and not a writer! However I loved Stacy’s words and they could apply to anyone who wants to be develop their own creative practice be it writing, painting or photography.

I would like to say a big thank you to both Flora and Stacy for an inspiring month.

Flora’s ‘Bloom true: the e-course’ stars on 13th October it ‘presents a groundbreaking and transformational approach to painting (and living) that celebrates intuition, connects body, mind and spirit and allows unique and expressive paintings to emerge naturally and authentically.’ (words from Flora’s website) Needless to say this ecourse is on my wish list.

Stacy next write group starts on NOVEMBER 1st – 30 DAYS OF CREATION MAGIC. ‘This month we will dive into the deep waters of lusty Scorpio to tap into our sensuality and pleasure. Combining our more intimate desires with the expanding and transformational ways of Sagittarius energy will bring us 30 days of Hell Yes through our writing. May cooler evenings around a fire bring out our most primal desires. I find the water/fire combination to be particularly powerful when it comes to creating magic.’ Stacy de la Rosa


Day 9 – #BloomTrueBootCamp

I love drawing mandalas. I have a square sketchbook dedicated to the practice of drawing them. I find them very relaxing to drawing, I find myself drawing them before going to bed as it helps me to drift off to sleep.

Here are a few that I have drawn.


(Day 8 will appear at some point….)


Day 7 – #BloomTrueBootCamp

Play what a great start to the day. I didn’t have the intention to play. I just needed to mix up some spray-ink and that was when ‘it’ happened. I played with the inks, I made even more of a mess than normal and I had fun. Bubble wrap was also involved and I do love a bit of bubble wrap! I was also standing up at the time and things just flowed better. It also reminded me of being at art college painting with fabric dyes.

Home-made spray-inks

Bubble wrap

Later on in the day I did a SkillShare course that involved doodling with your eyes closed, doodling with music and doodling and rotating the paper. It was great fun. Here are a few of the doodles and the final piece that I created. I had lots of ‘play’ time today.


Final piece










Thank you Flora for a great week of #BloomTrueBootCamp.

Move your body

Day 6 – #BloomTrueBootCamp

Yoga, yoga, yoga how I yearn for yoga…Oh how I miss my daily yoga practice. A couple of months back I had it down, I was practicing sun salutations every morning. I did it everyday for over 40 days. Then my life changed and so did my routine, or lack of it! I started ‘going’ to work three days a week. My daily practices were disrupted and I have yet to get back in the flow. I am trying but my mornings just aren’t working with me at the moment…So now I have started to just do it at random times during the day. One round only takes me 5 minutes, so I do it before I make lunch or when I go into my studio. I just do it when I can. I am sure it will become part of my morning routine again soon.


Letting Go…

Day 5 – #BloomTrueBootCamp

Letting go is hard to do but at times you must let go of the things that are holding you back. A few weeks a go I did just that. I said no to something that didn’t serve me, it caused me stress and anxiety. I said no to it and it felt good. I spoke to my husband and he also said that it had been a worry for him and he knew that it wasn’t for me. For over a year now I have had fun little spots on my hands, these disappeared within a couple of days and I feel so much happier and lighter. Saying no to something that doesn’t feel right is the best thing to do, listen to your intuition and go with it.

In the physical sense of letting go, I sorted out my clothes. I now have a pile of clothes to give to the charity shop. My husband also did it on the same day even though we hadn’t discussed it. Great minds think alike! I also had to clean out the fridge as that decided to stop working! I was sad about how much food was going to be wasted, so I cooked some chicken and then thought ‘oh darn, where am I going to keep it’. It is easy to take things for granted. The freezer is not working as it should but it is keeping things frozen. I guess it is a good time to take stock of what is in there and be mindful of adding to it. I am also going to slowly work my way round the house. I threw out the last of my cosmetics that were a bit harsh and had yucky things in them. That felt good too, now I just need to find a good recipe to make my own face scrub, I already use Rose Water as a toner and a lovely NYR rose moisturiser. I will make my own one day moisturiser one day.