Amazing Biz and Life Academy

There are only 4 days left to sign up for the Amazing Biz & Life Academy before the price doubles, it is currently $199 and it is only this price until the end of this month… If you have been thinking about joining now is the time to jump in.

I joined up awhile back and have been inspired by the Creative Goddess course and  I am really looking forward to starting the Business Goddess E-Course on the 1st October. I really need the guidance and inspiration at this time in my life. I am now self-employed and really want to make a living out of the things I love, along with other adventures on the way.

Read Leonie’s article here if money is an issue.

The Amazing Biz and Life Academy  is not just for business owners, there is a whole section filled with life resources to help you transform your life – creativity, health and home. Meditation kits and goal workbooks to help your dreams come true.

If you are a business owner it will help in these areas –

  • If you are thinking of starting a business from your passions

  • If you already have a local business and would like to start using online marketing to grow your business

  • If you already have an online business and want to grow it quickly and joyfully

  • If you are crazy busy in your business and need to create more leverage

  • If you want to double your business in income each year.

I think it is well worth the money and I am planning to get stuck in.

Embracing Ferocity with Makenna Johnston

Two weeks, 20 dollars stating 19th September.

Let Makenna help you embrace your inner power and release your fears.
Lets come together to find our path and lets take the road less travelled.
Let our lights shine.

It’s time to SHINE your light

Receive –

An ebook of journal prompts
Releasing ceremony suggestions
Access to a private Facebook group
Plus more

See Makenna’s offering here and check out more about Makenna here.

I am part of her CLEAN group and learning loads. Makenna is very inspiring.

August Photos

I have given up with a photo a day! Maybe at some point it will resume…Here are my August photos. Our first month out of London…Weather great and I made the most of it.


This photo is from a walk that I did, it is near to my new home and will be a great reminder in those winter months why we moved back to the Isle of Wight.

New Home

These last few weeks I have been packing and unpacking. We have moved from Wimbledon to the Isle of Wight. I find moving horrible and that is why we lived in our last place for nearly 4 years because I hate moving. I don’t mind the change, it is physically packing and moving that I don’t like. I had a stress rash for over a fortnight in the wake of moving day. Our new home is great. I am so grateful for being able to move here.

In our new home I am grateful for – the house has it’s own front door, we have a garden, the oven has two shelves, we have a front-room that is just a front-room (not a kitchen, dining room or my studio), I have my own studio/office room, my husband has his own space, we have a kitchen diner that I can spin around in and no doubt dance around in, we have a washing line, and the most important thing we are near our family.

We arrived back on the Isle of Wight over two weeks ago. We have been unpacking, setting up, making furniture and generally deciding where to put things. Already my Dad has been round fixing things and discussing drills with K. It felt like home as soon as we moved in and we are both happy there.

Office/Studio space

July Photo a Day

Here are my photos for July! I really didn’t do very well considering that it was my last month in London. August is the start to a new life…


Mid Week Gratitude


I am grateful for –

Being packed and ready to move
My health
New friends and circles
Having time to be creative
Realising not to compare
Spending time on ‘self care’

A sanctuary on the canal

A few weekends back I stayed on a canal boat with Jenni a friend of mine who is a Reiki teacher, makes dream-catchers, grows her own vegetables and lives on a boat. I had a very relaxing time on while I was there.


I watched the world go by, it was great to spend time doing very little and talking lots. Jenni looked after me; making me lovely fresh salads and treating me to fairy cakes. The boat is called ‘Sanctuary’ and I think that is very fitting. She is moored about 35 minutes out of Atherstone on the Coventry Canal in the middle of the countryside, there is a farm shop a good half hours walk away and lots and lots of fields. It was perfect. The boat is a 10 minute walk away from a river that was covered in water lilies and we think we even heard a plop of a frog making a quick exit off a Lilly pad into the river. It was so tranquil, the birds sang from dawn to dusk. I had a great time. Here is a link to Jenni’s website.

Coventry Canal

June Photo a Day

Here are my photos for June, as you can see I am not so good at taking a photo a day. I really must start taking photos this month. I am only in London until the beginning of August, then I am off onto our next chapter…

June Photo a Day

Here are a couple of my favourite photos from June –


South Bank



Water reminder!

I have continued with the morning flush (a big glass of water first thing in the morning) since January. It has helped me with my water intake as knowing that I have had a big glass of water first thing is a boost. As a teenager I had lots of head aches and my Mum would always say “Have you drunk enough?” and I would always say “I don’t think so”. Since being more mindful of how much I drink I have noticed what a difference it makes, adding a slice of lemon helps too. Over the weekend I get out of the habit of not drinking as much as I do during the week, I have a good routine while at work but have yet to bring it hope for the weekend. I just find it a lot harder to remember to drink. I always notice the the effects when I don’t drink enough. Water the life giver, make sure you are drinking enough.

Glass of water with a slice of lemon

Glass of water with a slice of lemon

New space, new lessons…

I have made the transition over to in a bumpy learning curve way. It hasn’t been easy, but I have leant so much on the way. This is my first blog post in WordPress the others followed me over from my other blog, that bit was easy.

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