A while back I added social media buttons to my blog. I know every blog has them but mine didn’t and I wanted them. So I made my own. I followed these instruction from Projects Around the House and I downloaded the social media icons from Pixeden. I made the buttons in Picmonkey a photo editing application. It is free but you can upgrade to a package that has more filters, boarders and other cool stuff. I was really proud of myself that I made these buttons and I think they turned out rather well. I did learn that it is a good idea to make all the buttons that you need at the same time as it can be difficult to find the same colours, I learnt the hard way and made one of my buttons at a later date and it was a bit tricky to match the colour. I was really impressed with the Picmoney  application that I used to make the buttons, it is free but you can upgrade. While I was taking the time making the buttons I thought I would also follow these seven useful tips from Momcomm.

1. Overall Design Too Wide – I adjusted mine accordingly and now my banner fits just right.
2. Light-colored Links – I have tried to adjust the colours of the links but I just can’t seem to change it.
4. Sharing Buttons – Oh dear I did try and add sharing buttons but it didn’t work either, so just using the standard Blogger ones.
5. Graphic Elements that Look Clickable (but Aren’t)- I am working on this and if I use images I do try and remember to use links.
6. Hard to Find Contact Info – I now have an email button, click it and it automatically opens an email to me.
7. Cluttered Sidebar – I only now have a sidebar on the right rather than the left and right.


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