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New Year, new inspiration

With the start of the New Year brings lots of  free courses, live calls and summits.
I have signed up to the following –

The MB3 with Makenna Johnson is a weekly call for the first 4 weeks in January starting on the 8th. The calls will be recorded. Makenna was my coach during 2014 and working with her was inspiring and she knows her shit. So if anyone can help you with business planning, creating change in your business or life it is Makenna.

The Thriving Artist Summit “Artists, Designers, and Makers. Take Your Creative Biz To The Next Level! Join Us For This 100% FREE Online Event And Learn From Highly Successful Artists, Experts, And Mentors!”. Sound too good to miss!

Grow Your Depth, Nurture Your Brilliance is hosted by  Andrea Schroeder and will be interactive calls where they will focus on answering questions about the topic of the call. The subjects of the calls are varied from WordPress to poetry. Also one of my favourite bloggers is on one of the calls Susannah Conway.

Create Your Color Story, consists of free “Year of Color” prompts throughout 2015, a free rainbow mediation and journal pages. This is run by Louise Gale

I am going to be inspired for the first few weeks of January. Lets hope the feeling will last for the whole of 2015.

Wise Owl

Happy New Year and lets make this one the best yet.

Pay what you can!

I am having a SALE!

I have decided that rather than having a stack of artwork not being seen or enjoyed by anyone. I am going to do something a little crazy and offer everyone a chance to ‘Pay what they CAN‘ on my artwork. Please click here for more art or visit my Facebook page.

This sale will run from today until the end of January 2015. After that the artwork will either be torn up to be used in other pieces or painted over. The price offered does NOT include Postage and packing. If you live nearby we can come to some another arrangement to receive the artwork.

Fingerprint of peace

Fingerprint of Peace – Acrylic on watercolour paper. Approximately 22cm x 30.5cm. Mounted 6.5cm



Thank you for looking and sharing = caring 😉




InkTober 2014

Here is my round up of InkTober! 15/31 days. I started well but lost the flow towards the end. I did enjoy myself and it has reminded me that I need to keep drawing to improve my skills.

InkTober 2014

InkTober 2014

Octobers quests and challenges!

Well it is October already and here are the challenges/prompts I am playing along with this month.


Pens at the ready

First up; get your pens at the ready for InkTober that co-insides nicely with The Big Draw. I will be taking on the challenge to draw daily for the next 31 days….




Second up is, Photo a Day with FatMumSlim I used to play along with this a couple of years back but I haven’t joined in for ages but this months list of prompts tickled my fancy. I am going to do a theme for the A – Z and it is going to be all art related!

Photo A Day - October

Photo A Day – October

You can see my daily photos and drawing over here…..

Life Book 2014

I am taking part in Life Book 2014. So far I have kept up with the projects, that in itself is a great achievement for me, I have learnt loads and I am really enjoying it. There is a wonderful community on Facebook who give lots of support and encouragement.

Week one – Inner Artist Guardian with Tamara Laporte

First we did a warm-up exercise to get us used to colour and texture and not to be afraid of a blank piece of paper. Here is my warm-up piece, I just love the colour and textures. I have discovered that I need to work on my lettering or find a nice pen, I decided that I would use a dip pen, not such a good choice as it was too thin and scratchy.

Week one – warm-up.

Then we went on to draw/paint an art guardian angel that we had met in the meditation. Creating portraits has always scared me. I nearly gave up Art A’Level because we had to do a portrait project. Since then I have avoided them; until now only 18 years later! I took the free course that Tam runs over on her Ning site and I was able to draw/paint a face! Her amazing way she teaches sold me Life Book 2014. Oh, and the fact that one of my favourite artists is doing a lesson – Flora Bowley!!! 

Art Guardian Angel

Week two – with Micki Wilde we created this. I love how simple it is and has made me think about ‘less is more’.


Week three – Creativity & Play with Carla Sonheim

Week 3 was a week that I nearly miss out as I wasn’t keen on drawing silly animals or make believe flowers. Well I had a blast and I loved all of the exercises, at one point I was laughing out loud! These are the drawings that caused laughter! I drew these ‘zebras’ with my eyes closed, this is what happens when you do that sort of thing! Loved it.

Zebras with my eyes closed

One-line elephant

One-line bicycle

Drawn with my left hand

If you are thinking of signing up to Life Book 2014 I highly recommend it. I am learning lots of new techniques and having a blast.


Craft it forward

This post is long over due…I took part in ‘craft it forward’ over at Fate-filled Times by the lovely Amy. She sent me two lovely crystal bracelets that she made. One is Tigers-eye and Smoky Quartz the other is Moonstone and Lapis Lazuli. They are both just my ‘thing’. I love them both.

Crystal bracelets

Craft – an activity involving skill in making things by hand.

So it is now my turn to craft it forward…I will send out a piece of art to 5 people. I will craft these 5 pieces using mono-printing and stencils. I will send it to you in the mail and I will ship worldwide.

All you have to do to take part is be one of the first 5 to comment on this blog post.

Good luck.

(If you don’t know how to take part in ‘Craft it Forward’…if you participate, you are supposed to offer your own ‘craft it forward’ on your blog.)

Writing and fears

A while back I listened to a webiner about business and how to promote yourself and your art online. One person spoke about how search engines are now looking at blogs more and how it is important to have a detailed description about the piece of art or product and to tell a story of how it came about. Well as you can imagine I haven’t completed this task yet. I think I wrote a list of the paintings that I would like to write about but that was as far as I got. I have started to write more and I am almost enjoying it. I really want to change how I feel about writing, I have been making more of an effort to write on my blog. I write more comments within the Facebook groups that I am members of and I now have a few pen-pals. This is all helping me face my fears of writing. ‘The more you practise, the better you get’ however I am one of those people who thinks that I should be good before I have even tried! So over the next few weeks/months I am going to write a description/story about my artwork that is for sale in my shop.


I have decided that I want/need to try and start pattern designing. I really enjoy putting ideas for patterns together. Here are my latest ideas –

I have entered these into a competition run by the MOYO magazine. It was a floral theme, with the inspiration being ‘Ikebaba’. MOYO is a great on-line magazine and is full of inspiration and ideas.

Cut Print Stamp

This post is very over due and I thought with Spring on its way I need to tidy up my list of posts to write and get on and write them!

Before Christmas (see I said it was over due) I entered into a competition over on the Gelli Arts blog and to my surprise I won! Thank you to Gelli Arts and to Princeton Brushes for running the competition. The competition was to win a selection of Catalyst Wedges, these can be used on the Gelli Plate. I had been eyeing these up in my local art shop but they are quite pricey so I thought to myself I would treat myself in the new year. In the mean time I purchased a couple of silicon spatulas and a silicon brush from the supermarket, they were on sale (£1.50) and I thought it is good to experiment and when I upgrade to the ones from the art shop I could use them in the kitchen. These worked OK but they were a bit awkward because of the handles, they weren’t to easy to swish around! The brush however is fab to use on the Gelli Plate and creates some cool textures. So when my prize arrived I was very happy and got printing straight away.
These are the the three wedges that I won, there are six different wedges in their range. You can see the different ones here over on their site.

The monoprints below were created on my Gelli Plate and I used the Catalyst Wedges for the mark making, as well as using stencils and rubber stamps. The wedges fit into your hand nicely and they are easy to swish around.

52 lists. Week nine – List the places you want to go

Moorea Seal – 52 Lists

Oh, I had fun writing this list, I am sure I will be adding more to it. Already thinking I would like to go back to New York. This week I will be going to Yoga (in my kitchen) and I will be going to stick to my to-do list.