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Sacred Space (part 2)

The next part of sacred space involved removing unwanted chemicals from your daily routine. I have already swapped my regular surface cleaner for one that I make myself. Here is the recipe –

1 teaspoon borax

500ml of warm water

2 tablespoons of distilled white vinegar

½ teaspoon natural liquid dishwashing soap

10 drops lavender EO

5 drops rosemary EO

Combine the borax and the water in a spray bottle shake well. Then add all other ingredients, shake again. Spray on the countertops and wipe clean with a cloth. This recipe I use came from the following book ‘1001 Natural Remedies’ by Laurel Vukovi  

I love the smell of the lavender, It makes it a pleasure to use. I would also really like to try these soap nuts for our washing. I have stopped using shampoo to wash my hair and now use Bicarbonate of soda. I make the Bicarb into a paste and rub it into my hair, rinse with warm water and then a rinse of ACV and one more rinse of warm water. I have found that my curls are more defined apart from my grey streak at the front that has a mind of its own! I am planning on making face cream and body lotion, I have not looked for a recipe yet but I am sure if I ask over at the AC one of the members would suggest a good recipe, there may already be something listed. There are a lot of recipes being shared from lip-balm to dishwashing soap. It is a great place to pick up tips and ideas. I am so grateful for being part of the AC.  

Creative goddess online course

I am taking part in the Leonie Dawson Creative Goddess online course. It started at the beginning of April. I was attracted to it as the description sounded just perfect; to get me motivated and inspire me into action and I really want to change how I act and feel about creating art. I am very happy and excited to be taking part in the Creative Goddess Course. It is a six weeks course and typical me I am running behind schedule… I have yet to finish week one and we are already at the end of week three! The course involves meditations, creation and reflection. The first weeks task was to go on a walk and collect things that you are guided to. Then create a painting with your findings incorporated into the piece. I have to confess I didn’t like the idea of sticking things on to my canvas! I found seven feathers on my walk; I didn’t stick them onto my canvas straight away I used my Gelli plate to take monoprints of the feathers that I had found. Here are the prints that I made, I love how much detail is picked up.

I am going to cut these prints up at some stage and use it on the canvas. While I had my Gelli plate out I used it directly onto the canvas. The Gelli plate is so responsive that it picked up the textures from the painting and the canvas itself. 

It was such a beautiful morning while on the walk I also took photos of things that captured my eye, from these photos I developed a series of patterns. 

The photo below is of a wooden fence, I loved how the light giving it contrast.

These are the patterns that I developed from the photograph above, I really like the colours and the various patterns that I have made. I am going to print out my favourites and include them in my painting.I have been meaning to print off some of my patterns for a while now so I am glad that I have finally be given a reason to print them.

I will post more patterns and some photos of my canvas soon.


I finally jumped in and made my tinctures…. I bought the herbs a couple of weeks ago, I had collected the jars and had been ready to jump since buying the herbs, but I just didn’t feel confident about it. So on Sunday morning I woke up and felt it was time to start mixing up some tinctures. I checked the alcohol that I was planning to use and “darn” it was under 40%. So off I went to the shop to buy some vodka. This was all I bought I was the till operators first customer of the day! She was note a happy bunny, she was rude, she didn’t look at me, she barely spoke and she started to serve the next customer before I had even paid. I asked for my till receipt and she acted as if I had sworn at her. I was baffled by her attitude but I guess she doesn’t make tinctures. I chuckled to myself and thought about the rest of the women form the Apothecary Circle making tinctures and wondered what stories they had to share.

When I arrived home I cleaned and sterilised the jars and realised I was going to have a spectator. My husband. I didn’t mind at all as it gave me a little confidence; not that he would be any help as he didn’t know what to do or what a tincture was. But it was nice just to share the experience together. We inspected the vodka bottle with great interest and noticed that their logo was a wolf and a eagle he said ‘that is you and me, I am the wolf and you are the eagle’. Well, that made my day. I love it when he says things like that to me.

I measures out the the herbs, I used half a jar for each tincture. Then filled up the jar with vodka. I made labels for each tincture. The lavender label looks as if I was actually drinking the vodka rather than making tinctures.


The next lot of tinctures I make I will make them on a ‘new moon’ as I read over on Moon Daughter that making them on a new moon helps to draw out the liquid. Now I just have to remember to shake them every day for a week or so and then every week and then wait six months to stain them. All in all it was so much easier than I anticipated, I don’t really even know why I thought it would be difficult

This posted is well over due and I can’t believe that it has been sat in my notebook for well over a month, note to self – must try harder.