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This post is very over due and I thought with Spring on its way I need to tidy up my list of posts to write and get on and write them!

Before Christmas (see I said it was over due) I entered into a competition over on the Gelli Arts blog and to my surprise I won! Thank you to Gelli Arts and to Princeton Brushes for running the competition. The competition was to win a selection of Catalyst Wedges, these can be used on the Gelli Plate. I had been eyeing these up in my local art shop but they are quite pricey so I thought to myself I would treat myself in the new year. In the mean time I purchased a couple of silicon spatulas and a silicon brush from the supermarket, they were on sale (£1.50) and I thought it is good to experiment and when I upgrade to the ones from the art shop I could use them in the kitchen. These worked OK but they were a bit awkward because of the handles, they weren’t to easy to swish around! The brush however is fab to use on the Gelli Plate and creates some cool textures. So when my prize arrived I was very happy and got printing straight away.
These are the the three wedges that I won, there are six different wedges in their range. You can see the different ones here over on their site.

The monoprints below were created on my Gelli Plate and I used the Catalyst Wedges for the mark making, as well as using stencils and rubber stamps. The wedges fit into your hand nicely and they are easy to swish around.

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