Gather your Supplies

Day three of #BloomTrueBootCamp

I am an art supply addict! If I need to go into an art shop I can never buy just what I need, I always come away with more. For example, last month I needed a tube of magenta paint. I came out with a tube of magenta, purple and turquoise paint, 2 packs of Dewent Graphik line painters and a sketchbook! DOH. I wish clothes shopping was that easy.


New supplies

I store my cheap paints in one storage box and my tubes in another, Liquitex Acrylic heavy body is my favorite choice of acrylic paint. This type of paint is great to use on my Gelli printing plate. I have lots if other boxes and drawers with other art supplies in. Looking around my room I think it might be time to sort a few boxes out.

At the moment I enjoy using this box of paints. I have had these for years and years and they come out to play every now and again. I have no idea what they are but they are great to use. I love using gesso as it is great for coving things up and I like using spray ink for quick coverage. Another favorite of mine are the Neocolor II watersoluble wax crayons. I like to cut my own stencils and I store these in a ring binder in clear sleeves, that way they are easy to use.


Before I start a new painting or art session I tidy my desk, but it doesn’t stay tidy for long!

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