Mid Week Gratitude

“Gratitude leads to love”

The beginning of this week I spent a few day in London with my Mum, we stayed in a plush hotel, just off Trafalgar Square. We had a great time despite the freezing cold weather. I am grateful that we could spend time together. We watched ‘Let it be’ I sang all the way through so apologies to the person sat next to me, we stood up and danced and we swapped places so Mum could see. We went to The Ritz for afternoon tea, wow that was an experience. It was amazing, Mum said that it was better than her expectations. We did a spot of shopping, although neither of us particularly like it or are very good at it, it was nice just to be out and about together just me and Mum. We also went to the Lion King, the costumes were so clever. I really enjoyed it.

So this week I am grateful for –
Having a great time with mum
Having lots of layers to keep warm

Being inspired by these people –
Postcards from the edge, Michelle Rumney
Right Brain Business Plan Jennifer Lee
Amazing Biz and Life Academy Leonie Dawson

Talking to my nephew on the phone
Date night
Blue sky when it’s cold (better than grey)

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