Move your body

Day 6 – #BloomTrueBootCamp

Yoga, yoga, yoga how I yearn for yoga…Oh how I miss my daily yoga practice. A couple of months back I had it down, I was practicing sun salutations every morning. I did it everyday for over 40 days. Then my life changed and so did my routine, or lack of it! I started ‘going’ to work three days a week. My daily practices were disrupted and I have yet to get back in the flow. I am trying but my mornings just aren’t working with me at the moment…So now I have started to just do it at random times during the day. One round only takes me 5 minutes, so I do it before I make lunch or when I go into my studio. I just do it when I can. I am sure it will become part of my morning routine again soon.


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