Day 7 – #BloomTrueBootCamp

Play what a great start to the day. I didn’t have the intention to play. I just needed to mix up some spray-ink and that was when ‘it’ happened. I played with the inks, I made even more of a mess than normal and I had fun. Bubble wrap was also involved and I do love a bit of bubble wrap! I was also standing up at the time and things just flowed better. It also reminded me of being at art college painting with fabric dyes.

Home-made spray-inks

Bubble wrap

Later on in the day I did a SkillShare course that involved doodling with your eyes closed, doodling with music and doodling and rotating the paper. It was great fun. Here are a few of the doodles and the final piece that I created. I had lots of ‘play’ time today.


Final piece










Thank you Flora for a great week of #BloomTrueBootCamp.

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