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Island Holistic Life

I have been busy creating a new website called ‘Island Holistic Life’. It is to help promote health and well-being on the Isle of Wight.

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A healthy mind equals a healthy body and vice versa.

Island Holistic Life is a place to learn about different holistic practices and how they can be beneficial to your health and well-being. There is also a calendar of events and classes that are taking place on the Isle of Wight.

Being back on the Isle of Wight has made me realise and notice how many holistic therapist there are here. It is quite amazing how many kind and healing people there are here, who want to help others and spread the healing light. I have created this space to spread the word and the work of these wonderful people, giving them the opportunity to shine in the field of work they love and spread the love while working.

Please take the time to pop over to Island Holistic Life and see what is going on.

Wisdom needed

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If you would like to write an article for the IHL blog or know of anyone that would please email me at hello@islandholisticlife.co.uk

Food Matters

I am concious of the fact that I could eat healthier and add things into my diet that would make a big difference. But with all habits it is hard…I regularly miss days of not eating enough fruit or veg, it is not because I don’t like them it is just because I don’t have a routine! When I worked 9-5 I always ate fruit. 11 o’clock I ate a banana, 3 o’clock I ate nuts and an orange and for the walk home I ate an apple! I walked an hour each day. Fast forward 8 months – I work mostly from home and have no routine. The only regular thing I do is go to yoga on a Tuesday morning.


An apple a day!

Yesterday evening I finally watched “Food Matters”. I know only about 5 years late, wow what a life changer. Everyday I see healthy eat posts on Facebook but they don’t really sink in, it is just another post/photo of food. But me choosing to sit and watch it, has made me wake-up and realise that we can change how we feel and what happens to our bodied by being conscious of what we put into it. So from now on I am going to eat an apple a day and have a handful of nuts. It is the start of me being ‘heal‘thy and the best way to start anything is with baby steps.