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October Photos

October Photos

October was a busy month; family visits from Australia and San Francisco, a goal mapping day, baking my first ever cake, cat sitting, making the most of sunny days, straining tinctures and of course lots of art and card making.

Chelsea Physic Garden

While on my staycation back in May, I woke up one morning and decided to head off to the Chelsea Physic Garden.The weather was bright and blue skies perfect for walking around a garden. It is a place that I have wanted to visit for a while but one that I always forget about. Visiting the Garden links well to the AC. The garden was founded in 1673 by the Society of Apothecaries of London, so the apprentices could learn to grow and study plants. The gardens have a long history but has only been open to the public for the last 30 years. It is home to over 3000 plants. While I was there I spotted Black Birds, a Robin, Blue tits, Crows, a Squirrel, Seagulls and Parakeets. I saw a number of butterflies one being a little blue one. I also sat and listened to a little Blue tit singing its song. The layout of of the garden has given me some ideas for the future; I can’t wait to have a garden so we can grow herbs and vegetables. The food in the Tangerine Dream Café was delicious, I had a couscous mix with fig and pomegranate and a courgette and feta cheese salad. It was so yum.

Chelsea Physic Garden

Chelsea Physic Garden

Sacred Space (part 2)

The next part of sacred space involved removing unwanted chemicals from your daily routine. I have already swapped my regular surface cleaner for one that I make myself. Here is the recipe –

1 teaspoon borax

500ml of warm water

2 tablespoons of distilled white vinegar

½ teaspoon natural liquid dishwashing soap

10 drops lavender EO

5 drops rosemary EO

Combine the borax and the water in a spray bottle shake well. Then add all other ingredients, shake again. Spray on the countertops and wipe clean with a cloth. This recipe I use came from the following book ‘1001 Natural Remedies’ by Laurel Vukovi  

I love the smell of the lavender, It makes it a pleasure to use. I would also really like to try these soap nuts for our washing. I have stopped using shampoo to wash my hair and now use Bicarbonate of soda. I make the Bicarb into a paste and rub it into my hair, rinse with warm water and then a rinse of ACV and one more rinse of warm water. I have found that my curls are more defined apart from my grey streak at the front that has a mind of its own! I am planning on making face cream and body lotion, I have not looked for a recipe yet but I am sure if I ask over at the AC one of the members would suggest a good recipe, there may already be something listed. There are a lot of recipes being shared from lip-balm to dishwashing soap. It is a great place to pick up tips and ideas. I am so grateful for being part of the AC.