I finally jumped in and made my tinctures…. I bought the herbs a couple of weeks ago, I had collected the jars and had been ready to jump since buying the herbs, but I just didn’t feel confident about it. So on Sunday morning I woke up and felt it was time to start mixing up some tinctures. I checked the alcohol that I was planning to use and “darn” it was under 40%. So off I went to the shop to buy some vodka. This was all I bought I was the till operators first customer of the day! She was note a happy bunny, she was rude, she didn’t look at me, she barely spoke and she started to serve the next customer before I had even paid. I asked for my till receipt and she acted as if I had sworn at her. I was baffled by her attitude but I guess she doesn’t make tinctures. I chuckled to myself and thought about the rest of the women form the Apothecary Circle making tinctures and wondered what stories they had to share.

When I arrived home I cleaned and sterilised the jars and realised I was going to have a spectator. My husband. I didn’t mind at all as it gave me a little confidence; not that he would be any help as he didn’t know what to do or what a tincture was. But it was nice just to share the experience together. We inspected the vodka bottle with great interest and noticed that their logo was a wolf and a eagle he said ‘that is you and me, I am the wolf and you are the eagle’. Well, that made my day. I love it when he says things like that to me.

I measures out the the herbs, I used half a jar for each tincture. Then filled up the jar with vodka. I made labels for each tincture. The lavender label looks as if I was actually drinking the vodka rather than making tinctures.


The next lot of tinctures I make I will make them on a ‘new moon’ as I read over on Moon Daughter that making them on a new moon helps to draw out the liquid. Now I just have to remember to shake them every day for a week or so and then every week and then wait six months to stain them. All in all it was so much easier than I anticipated, I don’t really even know why I thought it would be difficult

This posted is well over due and I can’t believe that it has been sat in my notebook for well over a month, note to self – must try harder.

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