Monthly Archives: August 2013

New Home

These last few weeks I have been packing and unpacking. We have moved from Wimbledon to the Isle of Wight. I find moving horrible and that is why we lived in our last place for nearly 4 years because I hate moving. I don’t mind the change, it is¬†physically¬†packing and moving that I don’t like. I had a stress rash for over a fortnight in the wake of moving day. Our new home is great. I am so grateful for being able to move here.

In our new home I am grateful for – the house has it’s own front door, we have a garden, the oven has two shelves, we have a front-room that is just a front-room (not a kitchen, dining room or my studio), I have my own studio/office room, my husband has his own space, we have a kitchen diner that I can spin around in and no doubt dance around in, we have a washing line, and the most important thing we are near our family.

We arrived back on the Isle of Wight over two weeks ago. We have been unpacking, setting up, making furniture and generally deciding where to put things. Already my Dad has been round fixing things and discussing drills with K. It felt like home as soon as we moved in and we are both happy there.

Office/Studio space

July Photo a Day

Here are my photos for July! I really didn’t do very well considering that it was my last month in London. August is the start to a new life…