Monthly Archives: April 2014

Food Matters

I am concious of the fact that I could eat healthier and add things into my diet that would make a big difference. But with all habits it is hard…I regularly miss days of not eating enough fruit or veg, it is not because I don’t like them it is just because I don’t have a routine! When I worked 9-5 I always ate fruit. 11 o’clock I ate a banana, 3 o’clock I ate nuts and an orange and for the walk home I ate an apple! I walked an hour each day. Fast forward 8 months – I work mostly from home and have no routine. The only regular thing I do is go to yoga on a Tuesday morning.


An apple a day!

Yesterday evening I finally watched “Food Matters”. I know only about 5 years late, wow what a life changer. Everyday I see healthy eat posts on Facebook but they don’t really sink in, it is just another post/photo of food. But me choosing to sit and watch it, has made me wake-up and realise that we can change how we feel and what happens to our bodied by being conscious of what we put into it. So from now on I am going to eat an apple a day and have a handful of nuts. It is the start of me being ‘heal‘thy and the best way to start anything is with baby steps.