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August Archive

For August I did something different. I looked back into my photography archive and joined in with Susannah Conway’s ‘August Break’. 2014 is my 10 year anniversary of having a digital camera. I have been wanting to look back into my archives to celebrate my 10 years of digital! So Susannah Conway ‘August Break’ has gave me a great opportunity. So I put together a collection of photos that correspond with the prompts. It was great fun looking back over the last 10 years but it has also made me realise that having photos printed out is something I need to do more of. Otherwise photographs just sit in my hard-drive and I never look at them!



Creative Inspiration

It’s the start of a new month tomorrow…and with this a couple of monthly challenges have caught my eye.

The first one is ‘inspired writing’ with Stacy it is 30 days of writing. Stacy will be sending out daily emails of inspiration and prompts. Here is what Stacy says about her ‘inspired writing’ group –

The fire and earth energy of Leo and Virgo will have this group focused on recommitting to your writing. Have a blog, website, screenplay, or book that you are neglecting? Have an idea for a creative venture that you want to get out of your head (and heart) and down on paper? This month is the time to get on that shit.’

I took part in Stacy’s writing group ’40 love letters in 40 days’. Stacy is creative and inspiring, her words are soft and gentle but strong enough to give you the push that you need. There is a FB group where there is a great bunch of people; all wanting to write and to get and give support. Click here to sign up.

I have also signed up for the Bloom True Boot Camp with Flora Bowley. Flora is an amazing artist and paints from her heart/soul. I have her book and one day I will do her on-line Bloom True course. Click here to check out the Bloom True Boot Camp. Here is what Flora says about her  Bloom True Boot Camp-

‘My intention behind Bloom True Boot Camp is to support, guide, inspire and ultimately kick your creative habit into high gear — or at least get you moving in the right direction! This is the perfect way to gear up for the October session of my Bloom True E-Course, and if you’ve ever been curious about taking my online course, Bloom True Boot Camp will offer you a little taste of the Bloom True experience. For all you veteran Bloomers out there, I hope Boot Camp re-inspires you to continue on your blooming path…’


I am going to take part in both of these, as I feel September is going to be a creative month and I want to start some good habits again. The past 6 weeks I have not been writing and I have missed it. Even if I just a few sentences a day it will be better than what I have been doing. Yoga has also been lacking in my life, so that will come into play again. I am ready for the Boot Camp and Inspired Writing, join me and let’s get creative.

Feather stencil

July photos – #printmakingunleashed

Here is a round-up of the #printmakingunleashed challenge I took part in last month. I managed to do 23 out of the 31 days. I tried new and rediscovered old techniques. I had a great time… Thank you Traci.