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It was my birthday last week! I had great plans on my birthday eve to cleanse and tidy my desk, sort out various piles of stuff on our coffee table, reflect on the past year, list my achievements and take an oracle cards for the year ahead. That evening I came home from work did a bit of housework and got a head ache and felt completely exhausted…So as yet I have not done any of those things. Sometimes it can be frustrating/annoying how life snowballs around you and you still have the same important task to do that you started with at the beginning of the year/month/week. I have been on holiday for a week having a staycation I thought I would be able to cross these things off my list but other things have come along and jumped them down the list. My list always gets longer rather than shorter… However for my birthday we did cross one thing off my list and that was to go up the Shard, if you even get the chance to go, do it it is well worth it.
We went to the top!

April Photo A Day

Here is the round up of April, still not quite a photo a day, but oh well… I enjoyed the freedom of having no list to follow and I didn’t feel as if there was the pressure there to take a photo everyday. I just took one when I had the opportunity, something that would remind me of that day.

Yesterday was my birthday and for a special treat, my husband took me into London for the day and we went up the Shard. This is thee view! It was amazing up there and I would recommend it if you ever get the chance, I couldn’t believe just how far you could see. 

Creative goddess online course

I am taking part in the Leonie Dawson Creative Goddess online course. It started at the beginning of April. I was attracted to it as the description sounded just perfect; to get me motivated and inspire me into action and I really want to change how I act and feel about creating art. I am very happy and excited to be taking part in the Creative Goddess Course. It is a six weeks course and typical me I am running behind schedule… I have yet to finish week one and we are already at the end of week three! The course involves meditations, creation and reflection. The first weeks task was to go on a walk and collect things that you are guided to. Then create a painting with your findings incorporated into the piece. I have to confess I didn’t like the idea of sticking things on to my canvas! I found seven feathers on my walk; I didn’t stick them onto my canvas straight away I used my Gelli plate to take monoprints of the feathers that I had found. Here are the prints that I made, I love how much detail is picked up.

I am going to cut these prints up at some stage and use it on the canvas. While I had my Gelli plate out I used it directly onto the canvas. The Gelli plate is so responsive that it picked up the textures from the painting and the canvas itself. 

It was such a beautiful morning while on the walk I also took photos of things that captured my eye, from these photos I developed a series of patterns. 

The photo below is of a wooden fence, I loved how the light giving it contrast.

These are the patterns that I developed from the photograph above, I really like the colours and the various patterns that I have made. I am going to print out my favourites and include them in my painting.I have been meaning to print off some of my patterns for a while now so I am glad that I have finally be given a reason to print them.

I will post more patterns and some photos of my canvas soon.

Photo a Day

The photo a day challenge that I have been taking part of over on FatMumSlim has totally fallen by the wayside these last few months. I have found myself catching up with the days prompts on mass and doing about seven on one day, not really the point of something called ‘photo a day’. So I have decided to do my own spin on ‘photo a day’. I will still be posting my photos on Streamzoo and doing a round up every month, but I won’t be using a prompt or a list. The photos will be of whatever I feel like or what sum up my day. Sometimes I felt as if the prompts were restrictive. I may go back to them but for now it feels right just to snap away and post my favourites. I have enjoyed taking part in FMS ‘photo a day’ and I would like to thank Chantelle for hosting such a great challenge. Here is the round up from March.



Mid Week Gratitude

“Gratitude leads to love”

The beginning of this week I spent a few day in London with my Mum, we stayed in a plush hotel, just off Trafalgar Square. We had a great time despite the freezing cold weather. I am grateful that we could spend time together. We watched ‘Let it be’ I sang all the way through so apologies to the person sat next to me, we stood up and danced and we swapped places so Mum could see. We went to The Ritz for afternoon tea, wow that was an experience. It was amazing, Mum said that it was better than her expectations. We did a spot of shopping, although neither of us particularly like it or are very good at it, it was nice just to be out and about together just me and Mum. We also went to the Lion King, the costumes were so clever. I really enjoyed it.

So this week I am grateful for –
Having a great time with mum
Having lots of layers to keep warm

Being inspired by these people –
Postcards from the edge, Michelle Rumney
Right Brain Business Plan Jennifer Lee
Amazing Biz and Life Academy Leonie Dawson

Talking to my nephew on the phone
Date night
Blue sky when it’s cold (better than grey)

52 lists. Week nine – List the places you want to go

Moorea Seal – 52 Lists

Oh, I had fun writing this list, I am sure I will be adding more to it. Already thinking I would like to go back to New York. This week I will be going to Yoga (in my kitchen) and I will be going to stick to my to-do list.

March Photo-a-Day

I am taking part in the Photo-a-Day challenge again this month. Here is the inspiration list for March’s photos.The challenge is from Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim. once again she has shared a great list with us. You can play along using Instagram, Streamzoo, Twitter or on your own blog. I am going to take a photo a day and you can see them here at Streamzoo. Enjoy and happy snapping.

February Photo-a-Day

Here are the photos I taken this month for the Fat Mum Slim Photo-a-Day challenge. All of these photos have been taken using my phone. I have a few apps that I like to use, ‘Retro Camera’ being a favourite this month. I am pleased with most of them and I did try and take more while I was out and about. I have to confess most were not taken on the day, it was kind of more like a week in one day! I only missed one prompt this month and that was ‘Inside your fridge’.Each month I am going to share with you the photos from the months challenge and also a couple of my favourites. You can check out more of my photos here.

View from Compton car-park

Snow drops

These two were both taken while on the Isle of Wight for the weekend. Snow drops are a sign that spring has sprung and that longer days are on the way.

February – Photo a Day

Here is the February list for the Photo a Day by Chantelle over at Fat Man Slim, once again she has shared a great list with us. If you want to follow along you can share on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr. I share my photos on Stremzoo, here is the link to my stream. Enjoy and happy snapping.