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Day two of #BloomTrueBootCamp

I have my own studio, I have a desk, an easel and a couple of bookshelves, and lots of boxes of different kinds. It is just perfect and I love going into my space. The lighting is great, as it has a good-sized window and at night I use my Anglepoise® lamp with a daylight bulb.

Desk and easel

My altar is in my studio and my room is just big enough to do sun salutations (yoga). I am so grateful that I have my own space, I can leave all my art supplies out, listen to my music and burn incense.

Sacred Space


I can remember a time at art college that I didn’t have a desk to work at. So my Dad cut me a piece of MDF and I put it over the arms of an arm-chair and did my work that way. It was a bit restricting and I had to be careful if I had a pot of water on it, but it did the job. When we lived in a flat in London we had a kitchen/diner/lounge/studio! My desk was in the bay window, it was a bit of a squash but it worked. I also spent 4 months in a van touring New Zealand, I had one sketchbook and a pencil-case of supplies.

If you want to set up a space it is always possible, like Flora said get creative.

1 thought on “Prepare your space

  1. alwaysamandagrace

    Hi Claire… Your space is wonderful! You really do have great light.

    You have inspired me to be more conscious and purposeful about the sense of altar in my own space. I have my altar ‘stuff’ scattered around the room in a more random way.. I’d like to connect with it more. I love the idea of the gratitude journal too! I’m about to take my first Bloom True class with Flora in the coming weeks and I can hardly wait.

    I read through your blog a bit and how Bloom True has given your art it’s ‘you-ness’, I love that. I’m new to my art, having just started in April this year. I’m loving the creative practice. I have so much to express and to learn and would love to experience that kind of authentic emerging you described…

    Here’s to Blooming ­čÖé
    Amanda xoxo


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